Name: Anna Adamczyk
Job title: Head of Training and Development
Background: MSc Marketing and Management (University of Technology in Lublin, Poland). 5 years' relevant experience previously for in Data Analytics and Decision Science. 

Summary statement:

I have always been fascinated by the variety of fields in risk consultancy and always wanted to explore and learn more. I feel that working as a consultant gives me a great opportunity to discover new areas in the financial sector, connect with inspiring people and learn about their businesses. 
4most is particularly special because of the organic culture that we have been building over the years. The atmosphere at 4most is truly unique and empowers people to take initiatives and control over the overall growth of the company. I feel that everyone at 4most has a strong sense of identity and belonging. 

4most provides people with excellent development opportunities through an offering of internal and external learning programmes. Consultants are encouraged to learn and engage in a variety of training initiatives that are designated for people in varying stages of their career, such as internship programmes, graduate boot camps or more advanced and specialised workshops and seminars.