Credit Decisioning

Financial institutions that offer credit products need to identify which applicants are suitable for those products. As the largest Credit Risk consultancy in the UK, we can utilise our extensive expertise to support your business throughout the Credit Decisioning process.

The two key components that need consideration are:

•    Default Risk Assessment (via credit scoring)
•    Affordability Assessment

Once these assessments have been completed, we can then help you to utilise the output to create a bespoke lending strategy, incorporating cut-off criteria tailored to both your institution’s key objectives and risk appetite.

4most produce bespoke scorecard solutions for our clients, offering a full range of statistical modelling solutions to ensure that you can receive the level of insight and range of outputs that work for your business.

Default Risk Assessment
Credit scoring (or scorecard building) allows your organisation to rank and understand the relative non-payment risk of applicants or customers, utilising a statistically and expertly selected combination of internal and/or bureau data items.

Affordability Assessment
Affordability tests, including forecasted scenarios of stress such as interest rate rises, are key to ensuring potential customers of credit have funds to make continuous payments for a financial product. 4most combines statistical techniques with knowledge of regulator expectations, such as the Consumer Credit Sourcebook (CONC), to ensure only those who can afford credit are accepted.

Corporate Credit Decisioning
As well as retail credit decisioning, we can provide frameworks for the assessment and rating of qualitative factors. This includes analysis of finances and business strategy, and the relative weighting of each factor, which will help your experts distill their assessment into a more consistent and reliable process.


For further information on our Credit Decisioning services, please contact our Technical Director Chris Warhurst:


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