Debt Recoveries

Regulatory requirements around debt recoveries are becoming more stringent and individuals are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their monthly income to afford repayments on existing debt.

4most have proven experience in developing strategies to boost resource utilisation within the debt recoveries life cycle. We can offer support from valuation of an initial debt sale, to helping customers become debt free:

With UK personal debt increasing daily, the development of smarter strategies within the debt purchase life cycle is fundamental to business growth.


  • There are three options available when identifying how the debt needs to be managed; firms can manage the debt in-house, place it externally with a debt collection agency or sell the debt on to a debt recovery company.

  • By providing forward-looking views on each option with supporting analysis, we can help you choose the most effective option.

Valuation Models

  • We develop and optimise pricing models that combine insightful analysis and industry expertise.

  • These models can then be integrated into a streamlined due diligence process to ensure that your pricing teams are working in a more pro-active environment to reach wider business growth targets.


  • Debt recovery portfolios can fail to perform to pricing expectations without clear strategies. By building customised behavioural scorecards and using intelligent segmentation, we can ensure that strategies are tailored accurately to customer status and vulnerability.

  • We can develop strategies covering all areas within the business including trace, dialler, debt collection agency placements, and litigation.


  • We can design and execute targeted mailing campaigns via multiple channels that offer discounted settlement options to customers.

  • We develop ‘smart plans’ that utilise less traditional data sources and can reduce the need to contact the customer for small deviations to a standard plan.

  • This is an effective method of helping customers to manage their debt but the recovered debt can also uplift portfolio performance.

Adhering to relevant regulatory requirements is always at the forefront of decision making at 4most. We ensure that every solution is fully compliant to regulatory standards to assure firms minimise exposure to future conduct risk.


For more information on Debt Recoveries, please contact our Recoveries Specialist, Damien Burke:


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