Name: Fabrizio Russo
Job title: Head of Data Science
Background: Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance, worked just over a year for General Electric Home Lending before joining 4most.

Summary statement:

I chose 4most because I felt it would give me a great opportunity to learn analysis and modelling skills, as well as how to apply them to different business areas in the financial sector. Every day you're looking at or talking about something different from the day before. This variety is what keeps me engaged.

4most has a fantastic work environment with a bunch of very smart people, all willing to share their knowledge and make their contribution. We enjoy our time together and form unbeatable teams when it comes to delivering work.

4most's structure is something that is there to guide people so that they can easily get information and expertise around a subject, or get support for personal or career challenges. The feeling is not one of hierarchy but of a support network to get you where you want to be.

Progression is reflected by the knowledge accrual that naturally stems from being around amazing people. Getting the opportunity to deal with colleagues, clients and situations that often require something you've never looked at before allows you to learn something new while making a noticeable contribution.

4most has taken me from a junior analyst to a project lead that can deal with both the technical and the people side of running a project in a 2-year period. On top of that, it has helped me in furthering my education by offering financial support for a master's degree.

Cherry on the cake: 4mosters are amazing at going out and having fun! I've had an amazing time in and out of the office, building strong relationships that I know will last.