ECL Calculation

Calculation of IFRS9 Expected Credit Losses with Discounted Cash Flows

IFRS9 Expected Credit Losses (ECL) are commonly calculated as the sum of the marginal future expected losses in each period following the reporting dateusing PD, LGD and EAD components. ECL can also be calculated directly from expected future cash flows. This could be an attractive option for many short-term lenders, especially for those that cannot leverage existing PD, LGD and EAD models, as it requires developing a single cash flow model.

IFRS 9 - what can I expect?

Based on our experience, there are a number of aspects that are common to every IFRS 9 project – they include:The solution you thought you would arrive with at the start is not actually the solution you end up with IFRS 9 is a vastly complex challenge and whilst simplifications can be applied, they need to be relevant and justifiable for your organisation. 

The Impact of IFRS 9 on the Banking Sector

In response to the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is replacing the “incurred loss” model for loan provisioning (IAS39) with an “expected loss” model for loan provisioning (IFRS 9).