The 4most insurance practice brings expertise from the UK’s largest credit risk consultancy into the insurance industry to provide you with flexible solutions expertly crafted around your business requirements.

We have proven experience of handling IFRS change projects for numerous banking clients during their implementation period of 2018. We believe this experience will be invaluable in tackling the challenges that the insurance industry will face prior to 2021, and beyond.

A dynamic team with experience spanning data management and analysis, model development and validation, business information, risk management and regulation, taken from years of relevant hands on experience working at direct insurance providers, reinsurers and consultancies.

The team prides itself on implementing efficient and cost-effective processes to help you achieve your business objectives.  

Some of the specific services we offer:

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting continues to be a core activity within Insurance companies, yet this activity is constantly changing with regulatory updates and tightening timeframes.

Our experience can help you in the production of your reporting schedule and the analysis required to explain results to all stakeholders.

We have a collective experience of over 30 reporting cycles at several direct life insurers and reinsurers. This includes working under SII, IFRS, MCEV, US GAAP and UK GAAP.

We can help you with:

  • Production of your reporting schedule

  • Analysis and verification of results

  • Optimizing and improving processes

  • Interpretation of results and explanation to key stakeholders

  • Keeping up to date with latest updates and requirements.


Modelling is a key requirement for insurance, from creating reporting results to influencing decision making.  Yet it is only through clear understanding of the model that it can be used with confidence.

We leverage experience from a variety of financial service industries to tackle solvency, capital and other economic problems.

Utilising a variety of resources including Actuaries, Statisticians and Data Scientists who have experience with MoSes/RAFM, Prophet, Mo.Net, R, MATLAB and SAS, we can help with all aspects of modelling including:

  • Model specification

  • Development, testing and implementation

  • Model or product migration

  • Governance and sign-off, both internal and with regulators.


Pricing and product development come with their own issues that can expand outside of the usual actuarial scope.  This requires technical work and integration across the company and the wider industry.

We can help you throughout the pricing process with:

  • Improving governance and the control cycle process

  • Assisting in business review, development and optimisation

  • Aiding data storage, manipulation and illustration

  • Introducing and maintaining relevant scorecard development.


Assumptions are the backbone of modelling and how useful results can be for decision making.  Without the correct inputs, analysis and conclusions can be skewed.

The team has experienced numerous cycles of setting, checking and reviewing assumptions for reporting purposes, including assessing the suitability of model inputs, experience analysis, review of improvements and process simplification, of both economic and underwriting variables.

The team can improve all parts of the basis setting/change processes, including:

  • Data handling and manipulation

  • Analysis

  • Sign-off processes

  • Implementation into systems and other processes

  • Auditability

  • Checking and validation

  • Ensuring decisions are made with the correct understanding of what feeds into those decisions.


For further information on our Insurance Services, please contact our Head of Insurance, Ramesh Indran:


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