Machine Learning in Insurance

Innovation is important in all industries and businesses in order to facilitate change and increase efficiency, as well as improve customer engagement through the generation and implementation of new ideas.

Big data and improvements in computer-aided analytics gives insurers the opportunity to better understand their customers, derive valuable commercial insights, automate manual tasks and increase process efficiency.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) have recently become hot topics in various industries, and at 4most we believe there is huge benefit to applying it to the insurance industry. ML in particular involves the creation of algorithms that are capable of taking the input data and learning from it without explicit programming, in order to make predictions. This is a process that improves over time with greater experience.

4most can help to design and execute cutting edge ML solutions in different aspects of insurance, such as automation of claims review and fraud detection. The implementation of ML has the potential to result in significant cost savings for insurance companies where the processes are currently largely manual. In addition, it can also be useful in the areas of underwriting and customer scoring processes to augment or simulate decision making. At the same time, we also believe in providing understandable, validated solutions and adding complexity only when it is needed.

For further information on machine learning, as well as our capabilities in this area, please see the following pages.

Data Analytics

Data analytics can be very useful for insurance companies to obtain new information and observe patterns through the examination of various sources of data.

Our collective experience in various programming software and visualisation tools can help companies to gain insights into their own business with the result of refining products and processes and enhancing customer engagement.

Customer Centricity

At 4most we believe that building and maintaining customer engagement is key to an insurance business. Innovation should therefore also be applied to processes and systems with improving the customer’s experience in mind. We can help with development of systems that achieve this task via

  • Improving the customer journey pre and post-sale of an insurance product including advise on short-form underwriting

  • Developing a more transparent initial and claims underwriting processes


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