Scorecard Development

As the UK’s largest credit risk consultancy, 4most can boast an unrivalled experience of scorecard development, across different segments of the UK market and internationally. Our scorecards can be fully utilised to support your customer acquisition and behavioural strategies when considering the Probability of Default of each case.

There are many stages of a scorecard model build. We can help you with:

  • Initial Discussion: Discuss your aims regarding risk management and design a scorecard-building strategy that works for you

  • Business and Data Audit: A comprehensive review of internal (and external, if applicable) business portfolios and data to discuss the potential viability of data-usefulness towards scoped scorecards

We can utilise a range of specialised techniques from our wealth of experience to build scorecards that work for your institution.

  • Model Construction: Using an agreed set of data, models are constructed with the aim of scoring customers from a default risk perspective

  • Model Validation: Models are robustly tested to assess suitability via statistical analysis

  • Portfolio Strategy Support: Once scorecards are created, it is key to use them as part of a strong strategy policy, which needs to consider the aims of your institution

  • On-going Monitoring and Calibration: Scorecards need monitoring and often adjustment over time as your business and customer behaviours change. 4most can fully support your on-going monitoring and calibration needs so that your scorecards remain suitable in the future.


For further information on our Scorecard Services please contact our partner,
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